About me

I am a freelance photographer with a day job that has nothing to do with photography. Mostly I do wedding photography and landscape work. You can also see my work at www.birgir.org


2 Responses to About me

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Birgifreyer, i just read your piece on processing images on a linuxcomputer.
    , i’m no specialist in software nor photography but just using a sigma sd9 to do portrait and some macro/very close photos. My laptop is running on ubuntu and so is a larger computer. Can i run the laptop to convert the x3f s to jpgs?
    On the sima-photo website there is no photoPro for linux.
    Speed is not a real issue and it wont be large amounts of photos.

    • birgirfreyr says:

      Hello Richard and thank you for the comment. Glad to hear you have the Sigma sd9. I my self bought the Sigma sd 9 in 2003 and I still miss it. My current workhorse is sd 15 and I use the Sigma Photo Pro on my Ubuntu 14.04 and have been using it since 12.10. You can use the Sigma Photo Pro to process the X3f files. I have been thinking about doing a blog post about it or a tutorial. To install SSP on ubuntu the steps are roughly as follows.

      • You install Wine and Winetricks
      • Install SSP and start it up once then turn SSP off.
      • Launch Winetricks
      • In the “choose a wineprefix” dialog, choose “Select the default wineprefix” and hit OK
      • Select “Install a Windows DLL or component” and hit OK
      • Scroll down and select gdiplus for installation
      • Finish up and you should find that SPP is much more stable than before
      • .

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