System76 vs Apple IMac: price vs specification

yes yes they look cool but are the as powerfull?

A friend of mine talked to me the other day about buying a computer for professional video editing and was just wondering about how accomplished Linux is in that regard. Although I am more confident to talk about Linux and photography I would still say that video editing programs on Linux are of professional grade. At least there are a few advertising company that use Blender and Cinelerra. Video editing has been pretty much dominated by Apple to some extend but after our little

The System76 Sable complete. Is it more powerfull then the Imac?

talk I sat down and looked at the

specification of the IMac and compared it to the System76 Sable Complete.

IMac or System76 Sable Complete
In regards to video editing the IMac with the 21″ screen has an Nvidia Card which helps with 3D rendering and should also help with video editing to some extend. But the basic Imac 21″ in Iceland is about $2118 (the dollar is at 127 Ikr). But if I would buy the System76 Sable Complete and boost up the computer’s specification it would cost $1944. Not that much of a difference but have in mind the System76 specification after my tinkering had 200% more RAM, 23% more efficient CPU (i7 vs i5), and a hard drive which run’s 33% faster (7200 in stead of 5400). The only  thing the IMac had over the System76 was a Nvidia card while the System76 had Intel HD4000. But looking at the specification alone I would choose the system76 (of course, I am a freedom loving Linux Nut not an Apple religious fanatic).

but in closing it is worth mentioning that as part of my new job I will be provided with a new System76 Gazelle Professional. Stay tuned for a review.

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3 Responses to System76 vs Apple IMac: price vs specification

  1. Ubuntu User says:

    WARNING: Company sells bad product!!!!

    I paid almost $2000 and now they won’t support me. I just want to let everyone know this. Hardware is decent. But they use bad parts that won’t work always. Made me go back to old version of Ubuntu to get it to work again. I buy from linux from other stores next time.

    • birgirfreyr says:

      Strange, haven’t heard about that before. What kind og computer did you buy?

    • Kernellinux says:

      This is definatly not the “norm” I have purchased three computers from them and I have a friend that has purchased a few as well over the past few years. I have never once had a problem getting support and my friend had a computer that was 7 years old and they still supported him. I would maybe give System 76 another call and see what they say. Maybe you just got a hold of a bad rep.

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