Ubuntu Studio 12.10 a user review

I have an old Asus 17″ laptop which I use mostly for testing purposes and the other day I installed UbuntuStudio 12.10 on it. UbuntuStudio is supposed to be the complete and all around multi media creative suite. It comes pre-installed with Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Darktable, Scribus, Ardour and I don’t know what.

But what about me – what do I need?
My main concern from when I installed ubuntu 11.04 has always been in regards to photography and the biggest hurdle in the beginning for me was color profiling the screen and raw conversion for Sigma Foveon files. Well as far as color profiling UbuntuStudio comes with gnome color management and DispalGui and I can even use my Spyder 2 color spider thingy, what ever you call it. So out of the box I could color profile the Asus screen, and jump right in working on photos in Gimp. And after installing Wine, Sigma Photo Pro and Blurb bookmaker. I was in business.

Hands on, how is it?
UbuntuStudio uses the same window management as Xubuntu and it is light and fast on my 2006 Asus laptop. And genaraly speaking I liked it. It is also very convenient to get almost all the programs I use and loads more with just one install. I did however have to install Thunderbird and LibreOffice. It’s emphasis is clearly on visual, audio and video creation so it leaves it to the user to install the office application of choice.

Upgrading to 13.04
When it came to upgrading to 13.04 the upgrade process worked like a charm but for some strange reason the Nvida driver and screen resolution went of the grid so instead of trying to spend time trying to fix it I just decided to install Ubuntu 13.04. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed using UbuntuStudio and I would recomend it as you Distro of choice if Unity isn’t your thing, of course you could install any linux distro you like and install these programs yourself. But to be able to install the Os and get all the creative program you could possible need has its own rewards.

Ubuntu 13.04
After installing 13.04 I have come to the conclusion that my old Asus with the Dualcore AMD cpu can’t really manage Unity without feeling sluggish and boring. So I started looking in to an alternative and I wanted it to be a lts version. More about that next time.

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