Sigma Photo Pro on Linux and color profiling

When I first started my little Linux journey or better say Linux experiment in may 2011, I set a few goals. My intention was to see if I could switch my photographic work entirely over to Open Source programs. I had to be able to process my Sigma .x3f raw files, had to be able to color correct my computer screen and be able to create blurb books. Now almost two years later I can finally say “mission accomplished”.

Spp-linuxI can now use Sigma Photo Pro
Yes I can finaly use my very special Sigma photo pro Raw converter made by Sigma. I did try many linux based raw converters like RawTherapee, Rawstudio and Darktable but only RawStudio could process my raw files and did it rather poorly. I did try installing SPP via Wine but to no luck. So what did change. I meet a guy on the DpReview Sigma forum who had succesfully installed SPP via Wine from day one. With his instruction I finaly cracked it. SPP works flawlessly. So far I have proccesed a few files with no problem. So this is truly good news. I am getting closer to never needing to buy another Windows OS. The Last computer I bought I had to fork $160 for Windows 7 Home Edition. But that isn’t all. There are more good news.

I can color profile my screen with Spyder 2
After playing around with a few Linux distros I decide to try UbuntuStudios and I must say that Ubuntu Studio is great. It has all the programs I need along with a bunch of programs for audio and video editing which I would really like to learn. But the suprise came to me when I was using my Color spyder 2 and trying to install the windows Spyder color profil program with wine and I just for the heck of it tried running the spyder 2 instrument in DispalGui. And to my surprise it worked. I could color correct my 2006 Asus 17″ laptop with the Spyder using DispalGui. The profile didn’t look perfect and I am going to try this also on my new System76 laptop but the future looks bright. I also plan on buying the ColorHug from Hughski which I hope is going to work better and faster. It took DispalGui 70 minutes to go through its process.

Blurb books
What about the photo books. I installed Blurb with Wine and it is a bit buggy but it is operational, I can make books and send them to blurb for printing. Hopefully Scribus will do the same for me since I am not very happy with Blurb since I am stuck with there program to print my books. In other words I am locked in, Books I make with the Booksmart Software have to be processed with Booksmart and there is no option to expert as pdf to print somewhere else.

The bottom line is I can say goodbye to Windows. Just need to convince my wife.

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3 Responses to Sigma Photo Pro on Linux and color profiling

  1. And when you start using DigiKam for tagging and organizing your collection, you’ll never look back. A bit hefty all the KDE-dependencies if you’re not using KDE, but most of the DK users don’t complain.
    Scribus-made PDFs work superbly with any decent printshop, at least here in Iceland.

  2. SoundOptics says:

    Thanks for the Linux/Sigma encouragement in this post. I did the same (Using Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit). SPP 5.x is much faster than under Windows on the same laptop.

    Something I would appreciate would be the B&W capability of SPP for Merrill extended to older models such as original DP2. Software updates that improve hardware that is a few years old really strengthen brand loyalty!


    • birgirfreyr says:

      Thank for the comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. They really should try and add these capability to older models. But in Gimp I have found a really powerful black and white converter from G’Mic magiq image computing. Worth checking out. If I ever get my act together I plan on doing a post about it.

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