Parliament in Iceland

There was a report in Iceland not long ago about how much cost the Icelandic parliament spends on paper printing and copying, which is about $236.000 a year. The report asked the question why not buy an Ipad for every member of parliment which would kost about $48.000 in the first year and then saving after that. As the report did say we can never just drop printing and zerox copying paper in the parliment of Iceland but I wondered why on earth is everybody so fixed on Ipad as the solution for everything. Why should they lock them in using proprietary devices when they could have bought Asus x101 netbooks for $21.990 and install Ubuntu on them and have a far better keybord and a much more functional device that does not lock the Parliament of Iceland with proprietary devices.

Now who do I have to sent this letter to?

(All prices are taken from items available in Iceland, prices converted to US $ and I expected they would need 70 Ipad or Netbooks. Preferably netbooks.)

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