Gimp article and Pear Os

Pear os looks goodWell folks. What have I been up to these days? Well I have been battling with my Asus A7m laptop to get it working with Pear Os for a few days. It seams to be unstable with all effects running and I had many weird issues. For instance my touch pad stops working when I sometimes start LibreOffice and from time to time the computer stops just completely. After downloading the correct drive for the nvidia card the computer started to run more smoothly but I still had the touch pad problem. But when I logged out and logged back in and had no effects turned on then the computer became totally stable. It appears my Nvidia card is for some reason making my system become unstable. I have no idea why but it is running smoothly now except many of the cool effects I had are now gone. For example the mission control is gone. But I suppose that is a small price to pay for stability.

I have been using Gimp for some time now and doing all sort of tests but I have been having problems with Gimp 2.8. It won’t use the full potential of my CPU. Processing the same photo in Gimp 2.6 the program is fast and responsive. Opening the same photo in Gimp 2.8 it is slow and boring. But the new layout is outstanding in Gimp 2.8 and I wish I could use it but it looks like I will have to stick with Gimp 2.6 for a little while longer since 2.8 isn’t working on my AMD laptop and AMD desktop (no I haven’t tried it on a Intel computer.

Soon I will publish the Gimp article so stay tuned.

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