Ubuntu 12.04 lts review

Well folks I finally got my Asus A7m 17″ laptop back from repair after having the mother board replaced. Everything workes fine except I haven’t been able to access the hidden partition to restore my Windows XP operating system which was starting to behave a bit abnormally. But so far no luck. The XP OS is working on the Asus A7m but I was anyway starting to use Linux a lot more so I decided to install Ubuntu 12.04 as dual boot. The installation worked well and I had a working 12.04 in about an half an hour. With Color management working (didn’t work when 11.10 was installed). So how are my first impressions? Well Unity feels more functional and fun to use, more mature I could say. I prefer it to the feel of Windows 7 and the computer appears to be generating less heat then when 11.10 was installed on it. Which is a good thing since battery performance should also improve. I installed Gimp 2.8 and I like the changes that have been made in Gimp (more about that in another post) but I couldn’t get Ekiga to work. It works on windows 7 but I haven’t been able to call anyone via Ekiga since nobody I know use it and my friends haven’t been willing to switch from Skype (which is owned by Microsoft). But on Linux I have not been able to get it to dial the echo test call.

But back to Ubuntu 12.04. Having Gimp, Firefox, file folder, ekiga, Skype and a ODF document open the computer was using about 81% of the 2gb memory. At start up the Asus A7m is using about 460mb of RAM.

My Asus X101

Final words.
God I love Gnu/linux and Ubuntu. Yes I love it. As much a human can love a dead thing. Ubuntu feels fast on my on my laptop, boots up in 50 sek (after bios test and choosing OS from the purple menu thingy which starts first) and it just looks beautiful. I do have to do some changes and ad a script so I could get suspend to work since the Bluetooth seams to interfere with it. But Ubuntu 12.04 feel’s mature and I like it. But it doesn’t work as well on my x101 Asus netbook which feels fast with Lubuntu my current favorite.

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