Ubuntu 12.04 lts

Well everybody who support and belive in free and open source software, congratiulation on the new realese of Ubuntu 12.04 lts. To test the new distro I did a live run via usb drive on my Asus x101 to see the changes and how it felt. But before I describe how it worked on my Asus I did try it on a 17″ Thosiba laptop with AMD E-300 1.3Ghz Dual core chip and running the Ubuntu 12.04 from the USB Drive feelt faster than running windows 7 installed on the machine. Even starting programs like Libre office from the USB was quick and I would imagen installing the Ubuntu Os on the machina would even work faster. But that wasen’t my machine so I coulden’t installe Ubuntu 12.04 lts on it. So my next step was try it on my Asus x101 and hoping it would work faster than Ubuntu 11.10. But it seamed to be showing the same sluggish (but not slow) performance as it did with ubuntu 11.10. Have in mind it isn’t slow as such, it just isn’t as fast as say Lubuntu I am currently running. But Ubuntu 12.04 seams to function very well on my Asus x101 just as 11.10 did but since i am not going to install it on the x101 I started the upgrade process on my Asus and found out that isn’t possibe with the Asus x101 with it’s 8gb drive (not enough space). It needs 1.2 gb of space and I have only 1 gb free space.

Xubuntu 12.04 lts.
Xubuntu desktopSo i grabed my 12 year old Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop with a 0,6 ghz Intel chip running xubuntu and tryed the upgrade process from 11.10 to 12.04 and yes that worked but it took a long time. Not that the process was slow, I just forgot to turn of suspend after 30 min so the pc was always sleeping when I checked the process. After the update I did have the feeling it was running faster (but not by much). After start up it was using 30% of the 512mb ram. I even installed Gimp 2.8 and it ran pretty well. Just to avoid any confusion my Asus x101 is faster than the 12 year old  Dell computer. I think I will just be using the 12.04 lts on the Dell from now on and stop upgrading it. Can’t imagine I will still be using it in five years.

But the only way for me to upgrade to 12.04 is by doing a fresh install on my Asus x101 which many say is the best way to go.

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