A Lubuntu review.

Yes I know what you are thinking. ,,hey Birgir I thought you were going to install Pear OS? What happened?”

Well while I was doing live runs of the many linux OS that are available I for the fun of it wanted to see if my Asus x101 could run 64 bit distro and for the fun of it I just downloaded Lubuntu.

Lubuntu desktop: not bad looking.

So how is it?
Eeee. well. Lubuntu is great. It far exceded my espectation. Lubuntu just feels quick and lacking a better word for it I can say simply it feels like Lubuntu isn’t in my way when using the computer. Ubuntu on my asus x101 worked fine, actualy the last days before installing Lubuntu the touchpad was going of line qute often, but Ubuntu felt slow sometimes so I was more aware of it while using the computer. Not to say that I was often waiting for Ubuntu. But Lubuntu feels great. It is light, everything is quick and I can install UbuntuOne, skype and Libre Office. Abi word didn’t read some files correctly which is strange since my 12 year old Dell inspiron laptop running Xubuntu reads the many doc files well. Some things work differently in Lubuntu but doing a quick search online always gave me the help I needed thanks to the many Linux users who help each other constantly. God I love Linux. Accessing power manager is a bit different than in Ubuntu for example.

The small Asus 10.1" screen get's used fairly well.

Actualy I think I am getting obsessed with Linux. But more about that in another post.

Back to Lubuntu. One thing I am wondering if there is a difference in regards to speed since I am using the 64 bit version of Lubuntu while I was using 32 bit Ubuntu. The only way to find out is to install Ubuntu again but in 64 bit version and see if it is faster.

Using a bit more ram than 32 bit distro's

Start up time is 30 seconds which is about 10 seconds better than Ubuntu was. Shut down time is also faster and the battery seams to last about the same or just somewere under 4 hours. Lubuntu 64 bit seams to be using a bit more of RAM but from what I understand that is normal for 64bit versions. Libre office starts up faster than Libre on Ubuntu 32 bit, don’t know if that is because of Lubuntu or 32/64 bit issue. Working on Lubuntu feels good and I will probably stick with it for a few more weeks before I install Pear os on the Asus x101.

So in short I do recommend Lubuntu 11.10 64bit on the Asus x101, it’s snappy and clutter free so to speak. An excelent Netbook OS and I am sure it also works even better on grown up laptops and desktops PS’s.

One thing that is pretty funny is that I have almost completely gotten used to the small keyboard on the x101.

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3 Responses to A Lubuntu review.

  1. Rex says:

    Thanks for the review. I am about to try lubuntu on my acer

  2. kurp says:

    Yep, that’s all true, heading to Lubuntu also!

    I’ve switched from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to Mint XFCE this year due to performance reasons (switching to new LTS containing Unity is much to much for my hardware) and my first feel is that there is no significant difference between performances of old GNOME desktop in it’s simple version and XFCE being lightweight by design 😦

    I always remove all eye-candy crap and deactivate unused services (like e.g. printing, since I have no printer) just after installing a new system and – to be honest – “heavyweight” GNOME after such tuning was even a bit more responsive for me than XFCE out-of-the-box…

    And that sounds to be a good reason to try LXDE environment now! 🙂

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