A open letter to the Sigma Corporation

This is an open letter to the camera and lens maker Sigma.

And what is it the message?

Please support Linux.

Simple message I know, but why? I am a Sigma Foveon camera user since the year 2003 and have found the Sigma Foveon photo sensor to be one of the unique things in our world just after the Pyramids, sex and Linux. I use the camera because of the special pictures it can produce and I believe it is my responsibility to support Sigma by buying there products so Sigma will continue to develop this sensor. But I am also a Linux user and believe Linux is something I should support and advocate. What I would really like is to be able to use the Sigma Photo Pro Raw converter to process my photos within a Linux operating system of my choice. And I believe if Sigma would make there Sigma Photo Pro compatible with Linux they would be increasing there product awareness among a whole new demographic.  Let’s look at this in a more step by step manner.

1. Support a unique system
Sigma cameras use a unique censor and Linux is in my mind also unique. There is nothing quite like the philosophy of free software for all. Simply by making there Sigma photo Pro raw converter work in Linux Sigma would create a buss in whole new demographic of people. Sigma could even collaborate with System76 and create a Sigma equipped Laptop (along with a Sigma SD1 Merril camera).

2.Sigma will sell more cameras
Actually I have no idea if it will I just believe it will. Simply by advancing the raw converter to Linux will spark interest for Sigma products.

3. The Sigma Raw converter is free and so is Linux
Yes I know the Sigma Raw converter isn’t open source but it is available to anyone who wishes to try. So are the many Linux operating systems in the world. I am sure some PR person at Sigma who reads this is now thinking of a cool slogan to make for the next advert now. There are possibility’s here.

So in short. Sigma Corporation of USA  and Japan, please think about the next step for the Sigma raw converter and the possibility in the free press this will create.  I am 100% sure it will be positive. I my self promise to go to every Linux chat room I can think of and praise Sigma for your daring and innovation.

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3 Responses to A open letter to the Sigma Corporation

  1. Nicholaes says:

    MacOS is UNIX-based OS. Linux is not UNIX, but have not a lot of difference. So, Mac version of SPP may be a good starting point to create Linux version. So, if Sigma wish…

  2. Nicholaes says:

    Another way for Linux entusiasts – try to write something like Wine for MacOS software support in Linux. It may be simpler then Wine and more correct, becouse of not so greate difference between this two systems. And special Linux version of SPP, I think, newer will be produced. Linux is very good system, but not for all. For example, Linux drivers for many devices are third-party, unstable and produced too late. If I’ll use SPP on Linux, and want to print directly, I need to seek good photoprinter (it’s not simple) with good Linux support (twice not simple). An so all.

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