I love Linux

The other day I was adding a wireless dongle to my in laws laptop which has a non working internal wireless LAN. The wireless dongle turned on and could see all the networks around it but couldn’t connect. I thought “aaa Scheiße, now they will stop loving Ubuntu and want to go back to Windblows”. So I restarted the laptop in Windows Vista and found that the dongle didn’t work at all there. so I switch back to Ubuntu and did a quick search. Found out about the bug with this dongle, downloaded the Linux drivers, followed the instructions I found by some guy who had the same problem, a few terminal codes here and few terminal codes there and boom. Everything works.

And I thought to my self.

Scheiße how much I love Linux.

I am sure I could have found the solution in windows just as easily but when I thought about the Linux community and the shared sense of everybody helping everybody for the better of free computer software world just gave me a fuzzy warm feeling in my heart.


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2 Responses to I love Linux

  1. anthonyvenable110 says:

    Glad you were successful! I am currently trying to get an internal wireless card to work with Linux.

  2. birgirfreyr says:

    Thanks. I had problems with an old Dell 7500 laptop before with a external wifi running Ubuntu 8.10 but after 11.04 it just worked.

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