Working on my web site and a burning sensation

Sigma SD9

I have been working on my other web page,, were I will place my Open Source Print Edition for sale. The site is rather basic and my English site needs work. While working on it I was looking at the photo on my English front page and admiring the Sigma SD9 deep color palate. I always get the Velvia feeling from it. I think the one camera I would like to own again is the Sigma SD9.

I have also been working on my Gimp vs. Photoshop essay and soon it will be published, just processing a few photos and stuff to make things look good. You should follow my blog if you want to get notified when it is published.

I tried the other day to start a small computer side project and made contact with sellers on Alibaba to buy laptops and install Ubuntu and then sell them in Iceland. We (me and my friend) bought two laptops to test the seller and items he was selling and I just received the laptops. After contacting the custom office in Iceland I found out the packed contained only two 512Mb usb stick. After that I had a strange burning sensation in my ass and it lasted the entire week.

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