Sigma SD1 Merril

Today Sigma announced three “new” cameras. The Sigma SD1 Merril with a lower price tag and the new Sigma DP1 and DP2 Merril with the same 46MP sensor as the SD1. The price tag for SD1 is now 2.299$ attributed to work done to reduce production cost. At least the price is now in my “I can dream of maybe buying” range instead of my “O my god what were they thinking? I will never be able to buy it”.  But is it a realistic concept to buy the Sigma SD1?  As far as my work goes the Sigma SD15 is enough for my current professional work as a wedding and construction photographer and the SD15 is also good for landscape work as long as you don’t do a lot of cropping. the price tag for the SD1 is now “more” reasonable but considering it’s spec it isn’t really competitive compared to many Nikon cameras for example.

So do I need the SD1?
No not really.

Will the SD1 help me get more professional work?
Don’t think so.

Do I want it?

Unless your work is Fine art printing and need to be able to enlarge in REALLY large prints the SD15 is more then enough. I am however more interested in seeing more information about the Sigma DP1/2 Merril since they would meet my landscape photography needs. No need for SD1 then, SD15 for wedding and production photography and the DP2/1 Merril for landscape. Now it is just time to start saving.

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