Linux Photography

Well I am sure that many of you have been waiting for me to publish the photography Linux switch from windows. Today I was thinking a lot about that process and everything but I remember thinking about doing a Open Source Photo print Editions for sale. What I have in mind is creating fine art prints and sell them from my web page,, and only use open source programs. Unfortunately I can’t use open source raw converters since they do justice to the Sigma SD14 raw files. So they will be processed with the Sigma Photo pro Converter that comes with the Sigma cameras. From there we are only talking about Gimp but for printing I might send the photos to be printed at a Fuji lab to get the paper endurance. These prints will be marked as Open Source prints and all profit will be donated to Open Source programs to secure the future development. This way people can buy fine art prints from me and support open source programs. I suppose I would donated the profit to Gimp, Scribus, Raw studio and maybe a few other. Maybe you have some idea? If so put it in a comment or send me an e-mail.

But on another note I am going to write Sigma an open letter hoping they will make there Sigma Raw converter available for Linux. I mean how hard can it be creating a pipeline for Unix systems? They just have to decide to do it and that’s it. Making the Sigma Raw converter available for a Unique OS like linux is fitting for a unique camera like the Sigma foveon chip and, I hope, increase sale. Let’s hope


But just to end this I have been listening to Digital Memories by Lukhash and you can download all his album for free (and make a donation if you like what you hear). It is well worth cheacking out.

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3 Responses to Linux Photography

  1. Ille says:

    I also would like to see Sigma’s raw converter working natively under Linux.
    Well, the best would be to get a shared library with an easy API so any open source project could link against it.
    The API should be something as simple as a X3F_adjust structure containing the adjustments parameters and a function like compute_adjusted_image(X3F_adjust) which should return a 16bits integer array containing the pixels RGB values.
    This library does not necessarily be Open Source.

    • birgirfreyr says:

      I see from your writing that you know more about the technical apsect of this than me. Is it ok if I quote this text in my letter to Sigma?

      • Ille says:

        No problem for me. Maybe it would be a good idea to check how many foveon fans are using Linux and Opensource software.

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