Ubuntu – How was the Switch

At first I tried Ubuntu by installing it on an old laptop I have to test out application and function of the system. After trying everything on the old Laptop and made up my mind whether I wanted Kubuntu or Ubuntu, went for Ubuntu, I installed it on my main computer. The first thing that surprised me on my main computer is the look of Ubuntu is slightly different. Function is the same just more fancy you, which is the difference between Unity, could say. In short I was really surprised how easy everything is in Ubuntu. I didn’t need to install any drivers, my Epson 1270 Printer install by it self, my ethernet card installed by it self and basically everything was just easy. Also I noticed my computer ran cooler (the cooling fan runs a lot slower) and it is faster booting and turning off, not that that is so important maybe. However there is some kind of conflict between the Blue-tooth and standby function. My computer will not standby unless I turn off bluetooth.

But what about important application like Raw converter.

Raw converter
Since I use Sigma SD cameras and have been a Foveon user since 2003 I need a good quality raw converter and so far Sigma hasn’t made the Sigma Photo Pro Raw converter for Linux. Wish they would. There are a few open source raw converter which can open Sigma X3F files. I tried two, the RawStudio and Raw Therapee. Unfortunately RawTherapee couldn’t for some reason open the Sigma Raw files but Rawstudio did and so far I have been using it.

Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) has always been rather sluggish for my taste but it is a powerfull converter for the Sigma raw files and I prefer using it than many of the other ones available like Adobe and Silky pix. Actually I would wish SPP would make there program like Silky pix which is the best one I have used but I always preferred the SPP output to Silky pix (after you fix the color cast). I once processed a bunch of photos with Silky pix and for some reason I got all the colors wrong so I always go back to SPP. Rawstudio is fast opening Sigma files and all adjustments happen quickly. Genaraly I would say I like how Rawstudio arrange there adjustments and layout. I have been using SPP for so long the question was would I be able to adjust to Rawstudio but most importantly would the quality of the photos be the same. Below you can see a photo I took of my son sleeping last year. One processed to my liking in Rawstudio and the other in SPP. I did try installing SPP via Wine in Ubuntu and it worked but If the raw files were more then 10 the program crashed, but I am still working on making it work. I still hope to see it it will work one day. Generally it took more time to get similar pictures from the RawStudio compared to the SPP output. But in the end it looked like this. Rawstudio first and SPP to the right.

RawStudio VersionSigma Photo Pro Version

I prefer the result I get from SPP and couldn’t get the RawStudio picture to look the same. So I have to hope I can get the Wine SPP to work but so far I am going still use SPP via XP.

Color Profiling
Ubuntu comes with icc color profiling program which allows me to create a profile via Spyder Profiling program in XP and use it on the Ubuntu side. I would like to be able to use the color profiling spyder in Ubuntu but so for no luck and still have to use xp.
Everything else
Well what about everything else. Well In short I love Ubuntu. My wife however finds it annoying but I think it is mostly because a few things work differently than in XP. For exemple when you click the address bar in Firefox (on the XP side) you only have to click once to have everything selected to insert a new web address. In Firefox (on the Ubuntu side) you have to click twice to do the same. But the thing that is most annoying is the touch-pad on my Asus laptop. For some reason when I put my finger on it and stay very still the mouse on screen moves left and right a bit.

Is the Gimp a replacement for Photoshop?

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