A Linux / Ubuntu experiment for a photographer

Sigma SD14 photo of a somethingCan I switch?

Recently after trying Open Office I have found out that there is a huge community of people making Open Source programs that quite frankly I was astonished. To think that so many people are working together to create open source programs that everybody can download and use free of charge and for the better of man kind and computer. Yes I was surprised. So I started to look into programs that could work as well or as good as the programs I have access to today. Therefor I have decided to start an experiment on my self and my computer habits. I do admit I have in the early days used stolen programs but I never felt comfortable doing so. No matte what I thought about the company it still was a product that they put money and effort in to making good so they should receive some payment for having built fine programs that help me do my work. But using opens source I am not stealing. I can even make a donation to help them make a even better program. Why should I ever have to steal a program if I am not willing to pay the, sometimes hefty, price when there are many excellent Open Source programs that can work (often) just as well.

So here is my experimental plan, what started with open office has no spun in to everything I do with the computer and just to name a few programs I am going to try and what I hope to achieve

Gimp: can I use it instead of photoshop and still produce excellent wedding photos and can I produce Fine art landscape photos to my liking. The goal is to become and expert in Gimp and become so good that I could teach and get payed doing it.

Bluefish: HTML coding is my thing althou I am no expert but my web page www.birgir.org will be updated via bluefish.

Ubuntu: I am going to switch to Ubuntu which is a free operating system instead of Windows (or as many Linux fans prefer to call it, Windblows). Problems I have to solve is color profiling and ICC profiles for the computer screen.

Raw processor: Since Sigma does not make the Sigma Photo Pro for Ubuntu I will have to find a replacement for it in Ubuntu, as of now I have already tried Ufraw which you will be able to read in a late blog post. But why doesn’t Sigma make the SPP for Ubuntu? Hmmmm.

So stay tuned and send me a msg or comment if you think I should try something else or add to this list.

2011© Birgir Freyr Birgisson

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